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James Davies, Content Writer & Author
Just wanted to say that I just got a job offer from a job you posted on your newsletter! Just wanted to say thanks for your newsletter. Without it, I wouldn't have spotted that job, and that job is going to really change my life for the better.
Sarah Paschall, Writer
TWJN has been a fantastic place for me to connect with other writers and has been one of the most welcoming communities to new and long-time writers that I've found so far! It's wonderful to have a community like this that just wants to help other writers, with no ulterior motives, and offers great resources that can help others succeed.
Elyssa, Writer Singer
I’m a new subscriber to TWJN and just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying it. Thanks so much for the great newsletter.
Aiden G Bronze
Is not on Twitter :(
I’m just getting in touch to say I love the newsletter. Look forward to receiving it and really enjoy reading it. It’s a great selection of jobs and it’s lovely getting to know you little by little through your intros.
Robert MacFarlane, Freelance Writer
There's a great range of exciting opportunities each week. It's a joy to read and sets you up for the week of writing ahead!
Shona Chambers, Marketing Consultant
I spotted a newsletter for writers with writers jobs I thought that sounded fascinating. I've really enjoyed seeing the range of roles that The Writers Job Newsletter highlights every week, it's a great read too!
Vedvrat Shikarpur, Writer
I stumbled upon The Writers Job Newsletter on Twitter, and it has been a constant guide, helping me find out amazing opportunities curated all over the internet. The community is fantastic, the resources extremely helpful and the tweets extremely informative. 🙂
Spoonie Press
I love your page, and thank you so much for what you're doing!
Quinn F, Journalist & Copywriter
I was so happy to stumble upon The Writer’s Job Newsletter. Their collective resources and outreaching efforts were always consistent. Because of the Newsletter and my efforts of initiating, I have retained long term professional relationships with well-known publications, while also earning great money.
Brandon Stoner, Writer/Journalist
This has been one of the most useful resources I've come across in my freelancing journey. It's a fantastic community and I look forward to taking what I've learned and paying it forward. I wish I had found out about it sooner!
Aimen Arshad, Science Writer
I love TWJN. I like how they share not just positives but the downsides of freelancing. Nonetheless I've subscribed to their newsletter and check them to see the new science writing and SciComm gigs! xD
Alisha Geary, Freelance Writer
Thanks so much for the weekly newsletter!
Tamaya Greenlee, Writer
I really appreciate your work. I’ve gotten some great leads. Excited to see the new one!
Vivek Mahto, SEO Writer
@job_writers is one of my favorite Twitter handles. Their tweets are funny, helpful, and everything else that makes a new writer feel at home. Also, their newsletters contain some of the best writing jobs
Farhan Subi, Freelance Writer
TWJN has been nothing but a lifeline to me, helping me find some amazing gigs while also motivating me whenever I found myself in a tough spot thanks to the amazing tweets that were also incredibly informative.

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